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The Star Wars Trilogy 1977 to 2019. S01E03


Impossibilities are coming to life from the multi generational trilogy loved by all, Star Wars. It would be an interesting question to pose to George Lucas, "What does it feel like seeing your wildest, most imaginative ideas come to life." He created so much future imagination, but with so little technology. The set of 1977 was small scale wooden models with fishing lines and supreme navigation of lighting effects.Not a computer in sight, except for the wooden craft one on a battleship with flashing lights.


Telling 1977 Lucas that in the future we would experience a hologram in reality for a couple of concerts. Tupac in 2012 and Michael Jackson in 2014 came alive for a night during Billboard Music Awards and Coachella, performing via hologram in front of millions of people. When the first Star Wars movie was released, holograms were thought to be impossible. Nowadays, holograms are an existing technology, still limited in their capabilities, but there. The fun scene where Luke plays a game of "StarWars holo chess" with Chewbacca (Dejarik for the hardcore fans) are possible minus the Wookie. These technologies are even homegrown with companies in Australia, producing a holographic table (Euclideon Holographics). I can' t promise I will let the Wookie win. Hopefully, I'll get to keep my arms.

Bionic Limbs

Our wounded warriors from the defence force experience an emotional roller coaster when they return, especially those missing limbs. On top of having extensive physical therapy, having a prosthetic limb that doesn't function or look like your original can be heartbreaking. This 'non-Star Wars' version definitely doesn't function like they do in the movies, but it certainly inspires our technology experts to reach the benchmark envisioned int he saga. We aren't nearly as close as we would like to be to Luke Skywalker's bionic hand, but unknowingly George Lucas set a benchmark. A bionic limb that is motorised enough to provide Luke with crushing strength far beyond the human norm, this invention was also a vision ahead of its time. Although we have similar devices, none of them are as advanced as Star Wars suggest and cost being a massive barrier. This kind of medical prosthesis will continue to adapt and evolve, changing the lives of thousands of people all over the world in the future. Good stuff George.

Light savers

What kid didn't want a Lightsaber growing up. Given the impact the Star Wars saga had on society, it's inevitable that a segment of the public would love to make one. I think the boss here at EyeOnIt actually has a replica one in his office. Super geek alert. When the first movie was released, encasing light into a sword-like weapon that absorbs light and cuts through any surface was mind-blowing. However, a company in Texas developed a similar military device. The plasma blade which is the size of a tactical flashlight and quiet in operation (no whoosh sound unfortunately), designed to help soldiers' slice through locks and chains on the battlefield (EnergeticMaterials & Products, Inc. - Wonder what George thinks seeing this?

Movie Technology

You can't talk about technology and Star Wars without mentioning the special effects, and if we're honest with each other, a large part of the sagas appeal at the time of its release was because of that. CGI hadn't been invented, but we got our first taste of what it could become. The first Dykstra flex camera (credit to John Dykstra) was also created on set and used to build George's vision and blue screen, which allowed filmmakers to exert a finer degree of control while combining separately shot footage. The technology used to develop Star Wars isn't necessarily a prediction of future technology. Still, it sure has paved the way for cinema and helped redefine special effects. Modern moviegoers should definitely shoutout #ThanksGeorge.

The Star Wars trilogy isn't just about swooping space battles, awesome looking aliens and droids with a personality all their own, it has envisioned future technology that changed a whole industry and inspired the creation of so much more. Before its release, many thought the film would be a failure, an underdog, but Star Wars went on to be major box office hit and influence pop culture that has shaped many generations to come.

May the force be with you.

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