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A comprehensive customer-centric suite of tools providing efficient management, analysis and reporting for your BroadWorks platform.

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EngineRoom is made for

System Administrators

 "I'm an IT System Administrator and I just want an easy way to support my BroadWorks users"

Enterprise ICT Managers

Leading a team of support staff across multiple sites, I find the added visibility of my BroadWorks configuration to be highly beneficial.


The user experienced a software migration process that brought significant improvements in functionality and efficiency, but was challenging and time-consuming.

Are you a services provider in need of assistance with large-escale data migration projects?

Large-scale migrations can be overwhelming, and experience is key. That's why you need a trusted partner with a proven track record of executing successful large-scale migration projects while working with service providers.⁠


Before starting the migration process, it is important to define the objectives, approaches, and customer experience pre and post-migration. Valuing the objectives with a prototype and establishing a risk minimization register is also crucial. Once these steps are completed, the migration process can begin.

Our team of migration specialists has the expertise to manage even the most complex projects. We'll guide you through the entire process, from planning to execution, to ensure a seamless transition.⁠

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Need to change a handset for a user?

Whether you're assigning a replacement device for a user or upgrading handsets across your organisation - un-assigning devices, recycling device profiles, rebuilding configs and re-assigning devices to users is no more. Select your user, select your new device and let the Device Assignment Tool (DAT) handle it all with one click.


EngineRoom Device Assignment Tool (DAT)


Need to update a BroadWorks feature for multiple users?

Take the monotony from using cumbersome traditional methods to manage users and devices. BulkTools is the simple and fast solution to multi-user management for anything from password/device reset to shared call appearance and device tag assignment. EngineRoom puts the ultimate BroadWorks platform management tools at the end of your mouse click.

EngineRoom - BulkTools


EngineRoom Features

* Hindsite is currently only available to Service Providers.

Compare EngineRoom to BroadWorks CommPilot...
Take a look at some efficiencies achieved with EngineRoom over the traditional BroadWorks CommPilot management solution.

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Device Assignment Tool

Assign a new/replacement device to 50 existing users including a random generated activation code per user.

Simplified Management. Simplified Pricing.

No per administrator, per module or per transaction pricing! Just a simple tiered monthly price for the number of BroadWorks users you manage with EngineRoom.


* Users refers to the number of users you are able to manage with the BroadWorks credentials you use in EngineRoom. This is regardless of any user service, device profile or phone number assigned to each user.



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