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Microsoft Teams - Data Integration

Integrate your apps and automate workflows with Microsoft Teams

Complex Integrations
Made Simple

Automation Tools

EngineRoom includes a powerful set of automation and reporting features to make it easier to manage your BroadWorks platform.

Who are we?

EyeOnIt specialises in developing software solutions for government, large multi-nationals and small business. With a focus on customer self-service portals and simplifying complex systems, EyeOnIt has developed solutions for telecommunications providers and health care service providers in Australia and the USA.

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We develop reliable, scalable custom software solutions to help you achieve your goals

From business systems, mobile apps and integrations, EyeOnIt specialises in bringing your custom software ideas to life.

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App Development
  • We enable businesses to scale and gain a competitive edge through innovative custom software.  Whether it’s a mobile app or core business system, our agile team of experts can help bring your idea to life.
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  • Does your team spend countless hours typing the same information into multiple systems?  Let us help with your business's digital transformation by automating workflows saving you time and money.
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Project Rescue
  • At EyeOnIt we love rescuing projects in jeopardy. All too often, custom software and IT projects end mid-way through development due to an array of obstacles. Let us help you get back on track!

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Strategic Reviews
  • With years of industry experience and a wealth of technical knowledge, EyeOnIt consultants work collectively with clients to create bespoke strategy plans, provide investment due diligence (technical), review technical alignment to forecast revenue, identify technical debt and development methodology review.
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EyeOnIt offers two products for the BroadWorks platform that is used by service providers like Telstra & Vocus.

Real-Time Analytics
 Wallboard Displays
Performance Reporting
Customise for your KPIs
Threshold Alerts
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Device Migrations
Bulk Changes
Code-free Process Automation
Back-up and Restore Services
Manage and Migrate Services
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AgentQ provides visibility across our contact centre queues, enabling us to make real-time decisions that increase our business efficiencies.


"The EngineRoom Reports enable me to obtain the information I need within minutes. This used to take at least 2 weeks waiting for one of our back-of-house teams to provide"

Mark // Enterprise Sales Engineer

“With BulkTools, I can easily implement periodic mandatory password changes for all of our IP Telephony users & in doing so, comply with our corporate governance requirements”

Andy // IT Manager Enterprise Customer

“AgentQ provides an easy to understand dashboard, showing our Call Centre performance in real-time. I can easily choose which key indicators are important and be alerted immediately if we receive a large number of calls”

Mary // Contact Centre Manger

“EyeOnIt’s expertise helped us avoid an expensive, lengthy and painful project, to change our domain name. We were facing the need to rebuild over 1,000 telephony services, until EyeOnIt scoped out a method to automate the change to an existing service without any outage. They project managed the entire change for us and completed the overall project under budget and ahead of schedule”

Fiona // Project Director, Enterprise Customer
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