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Predict the future with popcorn S01 E01

We are “The Jetsons”

Almost 59 years after the release of ABC's first broadcasted colour cartoon show 'The Jetsons', we are still amazed by the many unmistakable similarities between technology on the show and those in our current day to day lives. Featuring flying cars, smart homes, 3D printing, pill-cams, talking robots and video calls. So, what did 'The Jetsons' predict correctly?

Robotic Vacuums; Jane would tap on her device, ordering Rosie (our Version of Alexa, Siri) to "vacuum". Roomba anyone?

Video Calls; Video calls where embedded into of every aspect of The Jetsons daily interactions. Today's Covid19 influenced world replaced physical face to face human connections with Video. Video tools such as Skype, Google voice and Facetime have been around for many years, used as a secondary method of connection, but in our world today its primarily for business and at home. It’s difficult to imagine real-time human interactions not shifting significantly to Video in a post Covid19 world.

3D Printed Food; Currently 3D food printer prototypes are in use within the fast food industry, but everyday at home isn’t far away. Checkout Sushi Singularity, whose primary goal is to build their restaurant around biometric and genomic data to create a hyper-personalised eating experience all 3D printed to the customer's needs. 5-star quality food from a printer much like 'The Jetsons' in not far away, check out

Tablet computers; There were no keyboards for typing in The Jetsons, Is that an Ipad?

Smart Homes; I dare say that asking Google, Alexa or Siri what the weather is and to turn off the lights is just start of 'The Jetsons' version of 2026. The Jetsons used voice to action origami folding furniture to appear out of floors, walls, ceilings and doors, the Ikea range may be changing sooner rather than later.

Flying car; We aren't quite there yet, but it's coming. However, with the way the world is progressing, we will most likely have eco-efficient self-driving cars before vehicles that travel on both land and in the sky are possible. Is it a Tesla, Space X collaboration that will deliver this or does Amazon just “ship” us around like packages in a levitating drone. Don't worry... you could always Uber a helicopter as a placeholder for the now.

So, how does Hollywood know? Has someone similar to Biff from 'Back to the Future' travelled back in time to tell us? Or is there a fortune teller hidden away in a Hollywood studio. Are there aliens amongst us? Well… as cool as that would be, no there isn't, or is there? Anyway, Hollywood uses their chosen medium, entertainment, to inspire children who then grow into genius scientists, entrepreneurs and inventors who then create their dreams. Designing things they have only seen on TV shows and movies as the seed to expand their imagination. So, it's not necessarily about predicting the future, it's about influence and seeding inspiration. A creative directing and production team can steer the future of technology with one idea as a set and CGI has no limitations to explore the wildest ideas.  

This space-age counterpart to 'The Flintstones' believed in smartwatches and robotic vacuums way before they had even created the first ATM or computer mouse. Inspiring millions obsessed with innovative technology and the future. The impact this one show had on the expectations of many generations cannot be overstated.

Home time, now where did I park my car?

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