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What is Engine Room?

EngineRoom was envisioned as bringing together a range of bespoke tools developed by the EyeOnIt team over the last 13 years, into a powerful holistic application. EngineRoom solves complex problems with a customer-centric suite of features that empower a superior customer journey.

No Code API to create API bundles that manages the underlying API framework.

Engine Room is built as a customer-centric suite of features to empower a customer journey and is able to pull together a range of bespoke applications to roll into a holistic application for service providers.

Engine Room Solves

- Disparate systems storing data.
- Security for accessing and retrieving sensitive information. 
- Sharing and collaboration between internal teams, stakeholders and customers. 
- Accessing information between systems. 
- Redundant information and multiple sources of truth.
- Processing forms through multiple touch points, data verification and compliance.

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Engine Room Solves


Ability to store Client Records and keep a detailed history of activities.

Data Structure

Single Source Data creates a centralised workflow with easy-to-fill forms, eliminating double entry.

Logic Driven Workflows

Presenting the right information at the right time to ensure you collect the right data.

API Drag & Drop

No code API. Simply drag the required API component into a workshop when you need it.

Drag & Drop Form Builder

No need for developers. Remove spreadsheets from the process.

Insight & Dashboards

Building on our new data structure, this enables cross-referencing insights never imagined. We are unlocking meaningful data in an unexpected way to drive business process effectiveness further.

Document Management

Manage user documentation, either Work instructions or Operating Manuals

Rapid Response

In an agile world, there is a need to minimise upfront specifications, enabling adaptive requirement to be made within sprints.

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