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We are a digital innovation agency.
Our goal is to ensure business’s don’t get left behind as technology transforms the buying, selling, and interaction process.

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What is a Digital innovation Agency?

We start every engagement knowing that your needs are going to change over the course of a project. Our Approach is to re-evaluate and re-affirm requirements as we move through the agreed phases of a project. Our approach is unique as we are a full-service digital innovation partner that specialises not just in software development but how to build the right software, with the right tools, in a cost effective way. You will get a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team dedicated to overcoming challenges like technical debt management and obsessive cost effective coding standards.

Founded in 2005, the EyeOnIt team is all Australian based and is the lifeblood and stakeholders in our success. They are a group of exceptional, highly collaborative individuals performing roles such as, Product Owners, Business Analysts, Software Developers, Product Designers, Data Scientists and Quality Assurance Testers to ensure our solutions deliver on customer requirements.

Agile team
Agile team

We Design

Designing a Digital Strategy, Experience Design, Software Design or Digital Integrations, we design on our principles of value creation and user centricity. Gain a competitive edge through innovative thinking.

  • New applications that match your digital strategy​.
  • You have an idea and would like to outsource development.
  • Custom automation software that improve your business processes and save manual labour.
  • Talk to us about your challenges and a solution that is tailored for your business.

We Build

We Build a strategic plan with our clients to piece together the jigsaw of Strategy, Design, Coding and Productisation. Our strategic services provide a framework for organisations to maximise, simplify and standardise their software strategy.

  • Before building, know the right thing to build.​-Reinventing digital assets and roadmap to deliver exceptional value.
  • Data-driven approach enables us to understand every aspect of end-to-end user journeys.
  • Collaborating with Founders & Investors of software applications business to solve complex problems.
Agile team
Agile team

We Code

We Code across a broad range of technologies & frameworks. We bring to life a user centric experience, underpinned by our obsessive pursuit of software architecture aligned to business objectives. The same principles apply to small integrations to drive efficiency or a large complex digital transformation and automation project.

  • Outsourcing to augment your needs and assist with capability.
  • Dashboards to provide the right information from multiple data sources.
  • Integrations into CRMs, Microsoft Teams etc.
  • You want your existing systems to talk to each other.
  • Automated workflows that compliment your existing CRMs and processes.

We Rescue

We Rescue Software Projects. It has become a specialty. We thrive on taming the variables by taking an un-emotive approach and collaborate with stakeholders to clearly articulate the right journey.

Common symptoms of a Software Project at risk:

  • Stakeholders are too invested in the details.​
  • Market disruption is occurring, and you need to respond,
  • Developer burn out or turn over has increased​.
  • Development velocity is slowing.
  • Helpdesk tickets are increasing.
  • Budgets, profitably are being impacted.
  • Lack of clearly defined phases, when is done, done?
Agile team
Agile team

We Invest

We Invest into new ventures, scaleup business and the people involved. We bring to the table a depth of experience, high-performing team, proven approach and a methodology refined over many years of learning.

  • We explore opportunities that we can add significant value.
  • We invest our time, money and expertise in either an equity partnership or offset fee for services.
  • Trust and transparency is the centre of any relationship.

Our Work