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Who We Are

Innovation built on experience and culture.

EyeOnIt has extensive experience developing software solutions for government, large multi-nationals and small business. With a focus on customer self-service portals and simplifying complex systems, EyeOnIt has developed solutions for telecommunications providers and health care service providers in Australia and the USA.

EyeOnIt combines extensive industry experience and a desire to use innovative software to solve complex business problems, to develop software solutions for government, large multi-nationals and small business.     

Founded in 2003, the EyeOnIt team includes Product Owners, Business Analysts, Software Developers, Product Designers and Quality Assurance Testers to ensure our solutions deliver on customer requirements.  

We serve government and commercial organisations.

Engagement with Local, State and Federal Government and with publicly listed companies means we understand the necessity for strong corporate governance. Vendor assessments and security audits, policy documentation and compliance are all part of our DNA. We understand commercial sensitivities and the need to protect our customers from malicious threats. No organisation is too small or too large for us to engage with.

Designed to suit your industry needs.

Our industry expertise includes telecommunications and health care service providers. We also work with Local Government and education providers, and our experience extends to hospitality, insurance and transport industry solutions, to name a few.


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