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What Kind Of Conference Caller Are You?

There is no doubt of the value of being able to connect via video chat. It has helped many businesses continue operations, families remain connected and friends to stay social.

Here at Eyeonit, our intelligent software developers took no time to introduce their humorous backgrounds into our daily Microsoft Team meetings. It began with a competition for best COVID-19 themed backdrop to trivia Friday's with prizes.

Whether you're using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype or Facetime, there are different types of video callers and here are a few existing in our team. Which one are you?

1.The Blur

If you ALWAYS have your background blurred, this is you. This feature is your best friend and has saved you from exposing your, messy kitchen benches and office spaces. Your team has no idea what is behind you, and you like to keep it that way. You are generally an introvert and want to remain under the radar during team meetings.

2.The Landscaper

Your background is often of where you wish you were right now. You like to make a statement. We are not all fooled because you are secretly one of 'the blurs' but undercover with an exotic backdrop to hide the real motive.

3.Meme Guy

To you, this is the height of comedy. Your meetings are your only source of social interaction right now, and you're taking every opportunity to spice things up. Your background often consists of memes, cartoons or poorly patched photoshop images. You are the opposite of boring and wouldn't be caught dead in a plain tee.

4.The Parent

Juggling parental duties with work. You are often on mute to avoid any background noise, and your adorable children provide some excellent entertainment for the team.

4.The Vampire

Scared of daylight, they're always in a dark room with the poor video quality. This member wants to stay out of the 'spotlight'.

5.The Basic

You're not here to indulge in small acts of whimsy. You're here to talk numbers and strategy. KPI! Synergy! Working from home hasn't fazed you. You don't even give your co-workers a chance to take a peek at your place. You wear jeans to work. At home. Every day.

6.The Bedhead

If you're anything like me, you probably have had no sleep because you have been on TikTok for eight hours straight. After all, you are the president of procrastination. Either way, you're tired. You rock up to every meeting as if you have just rolled out of bed.. well probably because you have or are still in bed.

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