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Newbie experiences a hackathon for the first time.

It's impossible to ideate, prototype, build and market a product from scratch in 3 days.

Well we did, it's incredible what an extremely competitive bunch of talented individuals are capable of.

One vision, two teams, three days and one winner, or so we thought...

I recently experienced my first hackathon. If you just envisioned a bunch of introverts in a dark room competing to crack code, your close. :')

I work for software development company @Eyonit, you know.... ping pong tables, dartboards, fluffy co-workers, nerf guns, and you get the picture, my workplace is freaking awesome!.


When our company is presented with a problem or another wild idea by our awesome bossman @Myles McNamara, we collaborate. In this circumstance, we were split into two teams with an array of skills from marketing, UX design to full-stack development. Briefed and then separated for 3 days to build a solution to win against our opposing team.

The blood sweat and tears invested in winning was rewarded with a participation medal. Both teams presented close to identical solutions. However, our solutions worked way better when combined, the winner was @eyeonit.

I learnt what happens on the other side of the wall in the development department. I got to watch our ideas come to life in a matter of days, I expanded my skills into Adobe after-effects from two simple youtube tutorials and collaborated with co-workers I hadn't had the chance to get to know yet as the newbie.

I love my job, it's exciting, evolving and pivoting every day. (do I get brownie points boss @myles mcnamara ) :')

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