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5 Tips on Working Remotely

Do you need to work remote? Does your business have the right tools and strategies in place to allow for efficient workflow out of the office? Here at Eyeonit, we have always practiced a healthy remote work strategy using Telstra’s TIPT solution and Microsoft Team to stay in touch.

We are here to remind you we are all in this together; Our team has put together each of our top tips that we implement ourselves to help you make the most of working remote.

1# Make a list of things that need to be done that day and cross them off as you go to keep focused on the next task - Shane (Software Developer).

2# I usually put on some upbeat music to get me in the zone for some coding (usually instrumental stuff, cos stuff with heaps of lyrics can be distracting- Alex ( Software Developer).

3# "My wife always tries to hang out with me when I work from home" Explain to your family members that you are not on a working holiday. Business as usual without disruptions. - Andre (Graphic designer).

4# I still go through my morning routine, fill up my water bottle, plug my charger into my laptop and open/check teams + email. - Chloe ( Creative & Admin)

5# I find it essential to get into a work ethic mindset, so I still get dressed in my work attire and create a workspace in my home to prepare me for a typical working day. - Ally ( Content Creator / Artistic Ninja)

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