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3 tips on remotely managing a team

Success, envisioned by the entrepreneur, nurtured by strong leadership and grown by its people. There is no denying that studies have shown that a happy workplace is the core of a business's success.

Currently, there are significant changes in work operations, some businesses more affected than others. Leaders are now learning to adapt to managing a team remotely and best practices of doing that. Many are worried about how they can monitor employee work efficiency and to ensure they are not taking advantage of working from home.

Here at EyeOnIt our business structure has always involved remote leadership communications, here are three tips we have learned that you can implement today.

1. Make use of today's technology. Schedule daily morning meetings to check-in and brief your team on your expectations and to connect with your team members. We use Microsoft Teams because it has the flexibility to create multiple groups, schedule meetings and connect with our emails. But you can use any of the below.

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Zoom

  • Facetime (only if all team members own apple products)

  • Skype

2. Be clear on what your expectations are; depending on which workflow method you use, task planning software is a fantastic way to manage your team's efficiency without having to check-in always. Here are our top 3 favourites:

  • Aha!

  • Notion

  • Asana

3. Work Culture; during this time, your team needs to hear positive words of encouragement. Some team members may be juggling parenting duties or carer responsibilities at home, encourage staff to use leave if they are struggling to concentrate.

Don't lose the social aspect of your team, organise fun games or weekly challenges to involve your team. Here are our top 3 favourites.

  1. Powerball; get each member to pick a number and pay $2 for each number they want, and the kitty goes to the winner each week.

  2. Organise "Happy Hour" for the last hour of work on a Friday via Video Call. Your team can relax and have a drink to re-wind from the week.

  3. Encourage "quote of the day" so each morning the team shares their favourite motivational quotes, this can be used in your marketing as well.

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