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"A botched migration to a new collaboration platform increases churn rates and damages brand reputation”


“A damaged brand reputation can take years to repair and can negatively impact the brand's overall value and competitive advantage.”


We can assist with

Platform Replacement

Moving to RingCentral as a new product to replace an existing product that requires all Customers to be migrated.

End to End Migration

Legacy Cloud (Cloud PABX)

Product Mergers

Product Expansion

RingCentral is adopted as a new product for Net New Customers and / or customer segments upgrades.  This requires a bespoke migration capability.

New Market Opportunities

Upgrading Capability


Brand Expansion

Specific Deal

A collaborative deal with RingCentral and a service provider to win large scale migration opportunity.

Frictionless Migrations


Digital First Experience


Mitigates Change Blockers

What platforms can we migrate to RingCentral?


What is the price to migrate to RingCentral?



End User*

* Price per active end user

* Standard EngineRoom deployment

* $USD

* Excluding RingCentral G2M and marketing assistance


What is the short & medium term impacts when UCaaS migrations impact the end user?

"The Loyalty Effect"
by Frederick F. Reichheld's 

Highlights the exponential benefits of improving customer retention. “5 per cent increase in customer loyalty could yield more than a 25% increase to profits”


Inversely, a minor customer experience impact during UCaaS migrations leads to significant financial impacts.

EngineRoom – Case Study From Legacy to Leadership

EngineRoom licensed to Telstra within their Migrations & Order to Activations Team

1. Case Study Highlight:

Telstra's Transformation with EngineRoom*

2. Background

Telstra, a leading telecommunications and technology company, faced challenges in their provisioning and onboarding processes, which were labour-intensive and often led to customer dissatisfaction.

3. Solution

Telstra implemented EyeOnIt's EngineRoom platform, aiming to digitize and streamline their provisioning and onboarding workflows.

4. Outcomes

1. Team Redeployment: The integration of EngineRoom allowed Telstra to dramatically improve their operational efficiency. Remarkably, 63% of their provisioning and onboarding teams were redeployed to other strategic roles within the company. This shift not only optimised resource allocation but also opened opportunities for these teams to contribute to more innovative and impactful projects.

2. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: The most significant transformation was in customer experience. With EngineRoom, Telstra achieved a remarkable turnaround in customer satisfaction, rising to the number one spot in satisfaction ratings among their enterprise products. This leap was attributed to the seamless, efficient, and user-friendly processes enabled by EngineRoom.


EngineRoom – Case Study From Legacy to Leadership

Optus &


1. Strategic Initiative:

In a transformative move within the telecommunications industry, EyeOnIt partnered with Optus on an ambitious project to revolutionise customer experiences through the migration to RingCentral's unified communications as a service (UCaaS). By pioneering the productisation of the migration capability for service providers, this collaboration not only aimed to elevate user satisfaction but also to fortify customer loyalty and bolster Optus's standing in the competitive UCaaS landscape. The partnership underscored a shared vision: leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled service quality and reliability, setting new benchmarks for excellence in customer experience.

2. Competitive Advantage: 


The case study prominently highlights RingCentral’s & Optus abilty to secure a significant competitive advantage within the UCaaS landscape, propelled by the successful EyeOnIt migration project. By harnessing the operational improvements and elevated customer satisfaction milestones achieved through the Optus migration, RingCentral is well-positioned for industry leadership. The strategic adoption of the EngineRoom platform, specifically designed to facilitate smooth service provider migrations, enhances both process efficiency and client satisfaction. This approach, epitomised by the collaboration with Optus, not only advances RingCentral's operational excellence but also establishes it as a pioneer of service quality and innovation in the UCaaS sector.

EngineRoom – From Legacy to Leadership

Modular by Design to enable toolkit deployments or a Bespoke User Experience that aligns to the Migration Strategy of the Service Provider

EngineRoom – From Legacy to Leadership.

The EngineRoom Platform + Project Team = Ability to Deliver the capability of the team performing the migrations.


EngineRoom – From Legacy to Leadership

Uses Cases

Platform Migrations

Ordering & Activations


Automated Activations

Backup User Config’s


Customer Self Service


Targeted Toolkits

Bulk User Changes

Device Deployment


Collaboration and Voice

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Single Tenant Deployment One Tenant for Each Migration Project


EngineRoom – From Legacy to Leadership

Modular by Design to enable toolkit deployments or a Bespoke User Experience that aligns to the Migration Strategy of the Service Provider

About Us

EyeOnIt Digital, a Telecommunications Migration Projects Specialist.  As a globally renowned software company, we specialise in large-scale migrations, expertly crafting innovative solutions delivering them seamlessly to clients all around the world. Dive in to explore our unique approach and unparalleled expertise in transforming the telecommunications landscape.

25+ years Telco  Experience

All Products, Services & Support based in Australia

Current Security Clearances
Security ISM
Control Standards

Experienced Large Scale  Migrations Customer  Engagement

EngineRoom*  Underpins Migrations

Understanding of  Provisioning and  Support processes

25+ Large Scale Telco Voice Migrations In Australia, USA & NZ


Experienced navigating  legacy to  future  state BSS/OSS Programs

Great Rapport and Engagement with SP & Vendor Teams


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