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Critical Alerts

Problem: A contact centre required an alerting system to sound when all logged-in agents were busy or if a specific number was ringing. The alert needed to be across all geographical locations so that it was answered within 3 rings.

Solution: Our team designed a custom piece of software that provided a visual alert to all logged-in agents, triggering an audible sound in all call centre locations and a call flow to specific escalation points.

Agile team
Agile team

Field Engineer Paper Processes into Digital Efficiency

Problem: Field engineers where required to capture information from a customers site then upload that data into multiple systems which increased room for error and was not time efficient. Out of the box applications were unable to do assist in this process.

Solution: Our team joined the field engineers during site audits to understand the complexities of the onsite work and the challenges of getting the captured data into multiple systems. Our team built a time in motion study to show the benefits of digitising the process and proved the return on investment was achievable within a 10 month period.

Behavioural health software

Problem: A Behavioural Health Software Provider was struggling with supporting and growing their behavioural health management software. The customer tried multiple software vendors before engaging with our team.

Solution: Our team worked with the customer to implement an Agile/SCRUM framework and productisation strategy to align their development goals to the business goals.

Agile team
Agile team

Net-Suite Integration

Problem: A Care Provider providing NDIS services to clients needed invoicing and journals to be automatically pushed to Net-suite from their behavioural health management system.

Solution: Our team provided an integration solution to send invoices and journals to Net-suite. This integration significantly reduced the end of month administration time.

Support Dashboard 1.0

Problem: When COVID19 forced work from home, a support Dashboard was needed for all teams to view the status of their tickets in an easy to understand interface.

Solution: Based on the team needs, a simple and user-friendly Support Dashboard was built. The challenge was to take all the information necessary for the support team that used to be briefed in person, an API from management systems or by e-mail. The Dashboard solution needs to be manageable from everywhere and at the same time could be used when the lockdown finished. Our approach (hyperlink to our approach), delivered a new solution transforming the way support was communicated in an easier, quicker and manageable way.  3 Weeks from Discovery to the first iteration is how "Our Approach" solves challenges quickly and cost effectively.

Agile team

Software architecture review

Problem: Technical Survey of 1 leading to a massive challenge of remediating technical debt.

Solution: The functioning of your app ultimately depends on how well the architecture is planned. An overall high level software architecture examination was conducted which actually should have occurred before development was started. In a product, nothing occurs in isolation, and the software’s relationship to the overall environment and other components must also be considered. Our key to successful software architecture consulting was embracing this challenge and designing the product accordingly, then roadmapping the plan to get to the destination.

Agile team
Agile team

Ms teams; covid response

Problem: COVID-19 presented many challenges for businesses, our team was challenged to build an integration into MS Teams that would enable multiple data sources to be presented as a dashboard within an approved channel.

Solution: Our team developed a web application to work with the custom apps capability of MS Teams. This Web-app was also made available outside of the MS Team platform. 

Critical decision making

Problem: Our team was engaged to undertake a review of a platform that had a critical issue with the end user experience.  Multiple attempts were made by the in-house development team without being able to resolve the issue.

Solution: Our team created a triage team that took a deep look into the software platform, identified the primary causes and then created different experiments to find a pathway to remediate the problem. After 10 days, our team was also to articulate the problems and provide a detailed plan that was aligned to the growth aspirations of the business.

Agile team
Agile team

Legacy Migration

Problem: Our enterprise customer was finding it increasingly difficult to support their core software systems.  The concerns were lack of supportability, outdated technology and high reliance on a few individual developers due to the “old code” within the system.

Solution: Our team were able to show the client that the existing software platforms were legacy systems and assisted with cost-benefit planning. Our application development team worked hand in hand with their cloud-enablement architects to ensure a smooth evolution. 

Offshore provisioning enablement

Problem: A large Service Provider needed to enable an offshore provisioning team to provision BroadWorks changes for IP Telephony customers. Compliance and security were key requirements.

Solution: Our team developed a roles and permissions module in EngineRoom Toolkit where management could create and manage roles and permissions allowing offshore provisioning resources to make defined changes for customers.

Agile team
Agile team

Fund Manager - Risk Assessment

Problem: A fund manager was concerned about platform scalability into a “scale up” SaaS company. Fixed and variable costs of the core hosting platform were significantly increasing as customers were on-boarded while overall customer feedback was poor with 80% of all support tickets related to latency.

Solution: Our team conducted a Discovery Workshop with a Code Review and uncovered accumulated technical debt that was causing latency across security groups, roles and permissions. The solution was to provide a transparent road map to address the technical debt, while keeping the customer experience at the centre of all decisions. We also implemented AGILE/SCRUM to improve overall development quality and velocity.

Software Team Augmentation

Problem: We were asked by an existing client to review …

Solution: We embedded our team and recommended a 6month team augmentation where we would put technical capability aside and look for the future digital leaders from within and put in place a career trajectory to support their growth.

Agile team