A mid-life crisis with your franchise software solutions?
Ask yourself the following questions.
1. Are you scaling too fast for your software to keep up?
2. Are you battling ongoing data issues and multiple data spreadsheets saved on your hard drive, with so many versions that you're struggling to keep track?
3. Are you finding it difficult to process and report on that data?
Proven systems, polished processes, and attentive support are the backbone of any franchise. Without these keystones in place, your franchise will never grow sustainably.

First, we need to discuss what Franchising is; it's a marketing concept that an organisation can adopt as a strategy for business expansion. A franchisee can buy the rights to access and implement the Franchisor's know-how procedures, intellectual property, use of its business model, brand, rights to sell its branded products and services to consumers. However, this is where you can run into problems with your franchise, if your Franchisor has a weak infrastructure then it's of no use to you. Technology or software handed down from the Franchisor can be outdated, and in great need of an overhaul, perhaps they don't have any at all and can only send you to recommend purchases. Not having the updated or functioning technology can be a hindrance to a business just starting.

Our automation and integration experts have composed a list of common issues they see and how to identify;

Technology Latency: If the Franchisor provides Digital Technology, analyse their systems, processes, procedures and support channels to determine what you still require or don't need before applying to your businesses infrastructure. Pay attention to older software with latency issues as they can cause loss of productivity, loss of revenue and compromise your reputation, which can damage your businesses efficiency, and your customers experience. If this is the case with the supplier's software, finding another program or better yet, having one custom-built for your business may be the best option.
Automate Your Data Entry: because the days of paper ledgers are over.
The primary benefits of automating many of your data entry and reporting tasks are cost reduction, increased productivity, availability, reliability and performance. A successfully automated system would give you the ability to receive monthly reports, key performance metrics and real-time monitoring to identify problems you're missing. A key question is who owns the data within the software applications? As you may be able to develop other automation solutions.
Integrations are a Must:
Software integrations are so much more than merely connecting computer systems or applications. True business integrations mean designing ways for all the participants in your digital ecosystem to interact seamlessly and support your business rather than hinder; it's a simplified environment. Marketing, sales and production goals become unified and aligned when you integrate and automate your data management.
Data Loss: Many businesses miss crucial data due to lacking integrations, human error, manual processes and disjointed technology resulting in costly business operations and loss of capital due to misinformed decision making.
Currently, there are over 90,000 franchise units in Australia; this dynamic industry has contributed $165 billion to the Australian economy annually, generating more than half a million job positions. Proven systems, polished processes, and attentive support are the backbone of any franchise. Without these keystones in place, your franchise will never grow sustainably and could affect your franchises scalability in the future, leading to technical debt.

There are many avenues to resolving these issues before they occur by:
1. Assessing and selecting a franchise with a user-friendly and integrated software solution.
2. Outsourcing IT/operational services to check and update processes quarterly. The simple question is, on average, what are the common software helpdesk issues do other franchisors lodge each month?
3. Engage EyeOnIt Digital Innovation Agency to assist with a strategic review of the digital systems and processes.