Going digital stopped being a buzz term a long time ago, nearly half of the world is now active internet users. The ability to make money with the help of the internet, automation and integration isn't new. Now more than ever, there is an abundance of apps and software programs to choose from that meets every business need. And with a myriad of opportunities, it's not tricky to digitise. It removes or at least reduces manual processes, form filling, paperwork, and measures things in your business that you can then optimise. If optimised enough, many programs can develop insights to help you make better business decisions, reduce your workload, or meet growing customer demands.

Embrace the opportunity that this new platform can bring to your company, adopt a growth mindset and use it to your advantage. Digitise enough areas of your business, and you have 'digital connectivity', resulting in more efficient, faster growing and a more profitable business.

Digitised businesses reap the rewards for embracing these changes with social media, online ordering, increased web presence and online sales. Having an effective digital strategy allows for more in-depth customisation, just look at Target. Adding this new technology to its business model brought their stock from $101AUD in 2017 to $250AUD today.

Presently 89% of consumers turn to a search engine such as Google to find information on products and services and businesses before making a purchase. I guess the phrase "If it's not on Google, it doesn't exist" is truer than ever. Lack of awareness and fear of change are holding back those who haven't embraced this change in our future. So, don't be scared to go digital, it's only going to help you and your business in the long run;

• No more wasting time with manual processes when there are other automated options available.

• Create an online presence for your business and get valuable information such as the number and demographics of your visitors with in-depth analytics.

• Have access to consumers not just in your area but all around the world.

It's time to digitise.