If you are not failing, you are not trying hard enough.

2020 was a challenging year. The pandemic didn't magically disappear as the clock turned over at midnight NYE; 2021 will bring you new challenges and change is inevitable. The only option is to adapt, build resilience and embrace the lessons learnt in the struggle. 

To get you inspired to keep hope, here are a collection of success stories born with challenges when all odds where against them, they did not give up on themselves and their dreams.


Mr Disney; 

  • Once fired for "lacking imagination and failed to contribute 'good' ideas. 
  • His first company failed, waited six months to be paid and lived off dog food.

He is now known for his 59 academy award nominations and the greatest animator of his time, leaving his mark on history forever.

" You don't eat the fruit the day you plant it; you must let the seed grow."


Oprah; an African-American female born in the early 50s into a sexist, racist society raised in working-class poverty by a teenage mother, She couldn't have been more of a minority of her time.

Fired from her first industry job for being "unfit for television."

Oprah is now known as one of the wealthiest and successful women in the world.

" Where there is suffering, there is strength."


The author of the hugely successful Harry Potter series has had anything but a smooth ride. By the time she had finished the first of the Harry  Potter books, she was divorced, on welfare and with a child to support.

Furthermore, it took 12 publisher rejections before Bloomsbury accepted a year later. 

Ms Rowling now has a net worth of 1 billion and known as one of the best selling Authors of all time.

"life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to dance the rain."


Bill Gates struggled to find his niche early on. He started his first business with two partners that created reports for roadway engineers from raw traffic data. When they tried to present the capability of the machine to one of their biggest potential customers, it failed. Using the lessons, he learned from the traffic data company lead him to found one of the world's biggest companies.

"Be proud of your failures; they are proof you are actively trying."


Right now, you may be struggling; But there is hope and if you are hungry enough to succeed than your prerequisites for success is hurdles that will help you build strength, resilience and intestinal fortitude. When you achieve the success you've been seeking, the challenges you face right now would have prepared you for bigger and better opportunities.