2020 was certainly tumultuous, but the next few years will be redefining. Digital transformation projects that historically were optional, will become imperative. As the dust settles on 2020 and we transition into 2021 take the time to consider how technology will benefit your business.  

Many businesses have automated to a degree, they are often astounded to learn of the innovative possibilities that could take their organisation to a whole new level. Customer Data Platforms (CDP) will replace ERP’s, Trust, Privacy and Confidentially will be unambiguous imperatives and the constant challenge of Work from home.  A lot of complexity, but at EyeOnIt it starts with an easy conversation.  

Sometimes it’s a case of knowing you have a problem but not knowing where to go to solve it. Larger organisations have the benefit of bigger teams and access to greater resources to assist them to find solutions to their digital problems, but that is not always the case for small and medium businesses.

For many years EyeOnIt has worked alongside some of the world’s largest companies, providing customised digital solutions that enhance their customer journey, provide greater efficiencies and potentially creating new revenue by unlocking existing data.  

I am proud to be entrepreneur at heart, and my passion for finding digital solutions to complex problems is something that fascinates me. I have been fortunate to surround myself with an incredible team who also share my passion for technology and, while we continue to look after our larger clients, we are also committed to supporting the entrepreneurial journey of start-ups, businesses and entrepreneurs – and what better place to do it from than the beautiful Sunshine Coast!

I am very fortunate to have lived here all my life and have been involved in the business community for all my working career, starting a digital company that provided IT solutions for small business and later founding EyeOnIt where we solve larger digital problems for big corporates.  

However, what has always resonated with me is the sheer volume of outstanding businesses that call the Sunshine Coast home.  Many of these businesses are making their mark on the world stage and many more are leading the way in their respective fields. While my work has taken our team globally, our heart has always been on the Sunshine Coast.  

The past year has demonstrated our region is made up of robust, talented, entrepreneurial individuals and with COVID-19 preventing me from spending half the year overseas on business, I was able to give more of my time to voluntary roles.  It was during this time that I was reminded of the incredible businesses that we have here on the Sunshine Coast.

People spoke to me about the challenges they were experiencing in their business with regard to automation and digitalisation. The more I talked to people the more excited I became because I knew I had, at my fingertips, the team that could provide solutions to some of the problems they were experiencing.

And so, we decided to help. We have restructured our team to create the capacity to cater specifically to the needs of businesses across the region regardless of their shape or size.  

Whether it be building customer dashboards, interactive apps, integrations with CRM’s or automated workflows, our team has the right approach to achieve what we set out to accomplish.  

I am excited about being able to offer this service to businesses on the Sunshine Coast and I know we will make a positive impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem that exists here. As part of creating capacity locally, we are establishing a graduate program and expanding our team across our design, development and digital teams.  

All eyes are on the Sunshine Coast and projects like the international broadband submarine cable, the airport expansion and the development of the Maroochydore City Centre, have enhanced the liveability and appeal of the region. Now, more than ever we are positioned perfectly to show the world the combined capabilities and talent we have here on our doorstep and I am honoured to be able to play a small role in our future.