In March 2020, I was in New York as the world shut down ( The new M.O. was forced, Digitisation for all or fail. It was that simple. Real Digitisation projects historically had considerable barriers for adoption due to fear-based leadership and no will to change. Side note; Scanning paper, sending offshore to retype into a legacy piece of software, IS NOT a Digitisation project. It's avoiding the inevitable.

I can understand why leaders feared change as Top Tier consulting firms report 70% of 'Digital Transformation Projects' failed pre-COVID. 

I read an interesting article about a company adopting remote working amid all this COVID chaos. Their leader proudly stated, "remote working was implemented within 11 days, that would have taken more than a year pre-COVID". I think the silent majority were saying, "Hey idiot, you should have done that years ago and you're obviously a leader that makes up part of the 70% since it took a pandemic to make a decision".  

All the forced Digitisation accomplishments have been astounding, so, let's keep the momentum going. It's not a bad thing! The approach just needs to change from thinking of Digitisation as a thing, but as a mindset. Our Sunshine Coast community adopted this mindset so quickly that I'm proud of us as a whole. Hospitality did take an enormous hit due to Covid. Luckily, most were able to adapt to takeaway and sign up for food delivery services such as Uber Eats and Menu Log, which opened them to a more extensive customer base.

EyeOnIt Digital Innovation Agency, it's not social, it's software... and everything else in-between.

But what does the Digital in EyeOnIt Digital Innovation Agency stand for?

"Digital is only about Digital Marketing", is something I heard recently from a business leader. At the same time a bazillion Digital Marketing Agency guru's cheered them on. Anyone not selling marketing services would have been perplexed. So, what is today's context for Digital?

It's tempting to look for simple definitions to explain "digital". It's defining feature is it's power! The definition needs to evolve, resonate, be meaningful and sustainable; we believe that Digital should be seen less as a thing and more a way of doing things. Our approach to Digital is at the intersection of innovation, value creation and user-centricity. That's why EyeOnIt - Digital Innovation Agency, is what we do.

We drive Digitisation by bringing together the capabilities needed to help organisations thrive in the new post-pandemic digital age. We help our clients harness the power of data and artificial intelligence, capitalise on new technology, optimise and automate operations. This is all done by a simple approach based on an Agile mindset and great organisations to work with.

Join the Party, it's fun.