Legacy systems cost thousands, in this case, millions when left outdated and forgotten. Digital transformation is crucial for business operational costs and affects stakeholders/customers and employee satisfaction.

After $20 million of taxpayers money used on the project to restore the government-funded apprenticeship learning and management software and other legacy MyGov systems, tech-giant Deloitte has landed another $1 mill contract.

Poor Responsiveness (Latency) of software applications, often blamed on the Internet, WAN and your helpdesk. It’s usually, the actual Software Applications itself.

6 Pitfalls of outdated software

Limited Functionality - Taking hours to process small datasets? Modern venders continuously strengthen their solutions with new features and intuitive user interfaces. The consumer’s current demands require actionable insights from big data that legacy systems cannot match modern technologies.

Insufficient Security: Outdated software doesn’t have the strength to keep your information safe from cyberattacks, making it a significant liability for your organisation. Upgrades are essential for keeping your company’s data out of harm’s way.  

Platform Rigidity: Legacy solutions, in contrast, are clunky and rigid. Even the most straightforward modifications to an outdated platform require expensive customisation. Such an inflexible system can’t provide the visibility, agility and efficiency to support business growth.

Technical Debt: If not provided the budget or direction to modernise your systems, IT teams will continue to build technical debt with bandaid solutions to align with new business requirements. The more custom changes, the more complicated the answer becomes, slowing down your system. If you are experiencing technical debt, check out our “3 strategies to repay technical debt” blog.

Incompatibility: Legacy systems are far to rigid and outdated to integrate with modern platforms, inhibiting business technological advancement.

Poor User Experience: 75% of customer-facing employees say that disjointed technology hinders collaboration, productivity and job satisfaction.
Retail/E-commerce platforms lacking integrations result in 88% of customer dissatisfaction due to having to repeat themselves via different channels.
Latency within educational platforms result in, students missing deadlines, assessments and struggling to navigate through the software provided effectively.

Modernising applications unlock growth opportunities, cost efficiencies and potentially tap into a river of gold, your Dark Data. EyeOnIt’s experience can modernise your software for a competitive advantage. Legacy modernisation does not have to be a midlife crisis — and we’re here to help you succeed.

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